The Institute of Knowledge Management (IKM, established in 1990) is a Belgian non-profit organization. IKM is active in Belgium (its home base) as well as internationally in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean . The institute focuses on education for a sustainable future (People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Policy). It does so through innovative online and F2F teaching, tutoring and mentoring of young people and adults and through teacher training, curriculum (re)design, consulting  and participation in projects.

Through its Centre for Creative Learning (CCL), IKM offers return-to-learning as well as expand-your-learning programmes for (younger and older) adults. Our creative approach (using a blend of formal and non-formal as well as online and F2F learning experiences) maximizes the use of technology to provide a stimulating and innovative learning environment .

With more than 25 years of experience in innovation in education, IKM provides consulting and research services to individuals, schools, nonprofit and for profit organizations and governments around the globe. We provide in-depth insights in current and emerging trends in education and we help people and organizations to align their educational needs with their goals through strategic and operational plans.

Projects are an important tool for IKM to reach its goals. IKM generally adopts a SMART project-based approach when working with learners and client organisations. 

Besides that, IKM is actively involved in several EU-funded projects aligned with its strategic goals. In that sense as well, project are important to us.


Latest NEWS

From july 2021 on, IKM participates in the eASSESSMENT project, co-funded by the EU Erasmus+ programme. Partner countries are the UK, Portugal, Lithuania, Belgium, Germany and Greece. The aim of the project is to support VET teachers and trainers to use e‐assessment with vocational learners by providing guidelines, tools, best
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IKM will once again offer preparatory courses (in Dutch, face-to-face and/or online) in the context of the Flemish "Examencommissie Secundair Onderwijs". These exams are an excellent opportunity to take charge of your own education through homeschooling (which we can support) yet make sure to obtain the so important qualifications: certificates
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XXIst Century Education was founded by an international team of education professionals: educational and cognitive scientists and experienced teachers with a mission to provide high-quality, learner-centered education to children across the world. ​IKM is now you portal to become part of a global network of local learning communities, and to
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