The Institute of Knowledge Management (IKM, established in 1990) is a Belgian non-profit organization. The institute focusses on education for a sustainable future (People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Policy). It does so through innovative online and F2F teaching, tutoring and mentoring of young people and adults and through teacher training, curriculum (re)design, consulting  and participation in projects.



Koen teaches Lifespan Education as well Management and Innovation in the Social and Non-Profit Sector at Vrije Universiteit Brussel and is actively involved in global educational capacity building projects. Former director of adult education and former superintendent of education, he has extensive experience with global, regional and local challenges facing all levels of education. He was member of the board and vice-chairman the Flemish association of teacher trainers. He publishes and lectures extensively on different aspects of teaching and learning, the use of ICT in education, formal and informal learning, the challenges of megatrends for education, curriculum design etc. His focus is on research and fieldwork, including consulting, on organizing socially, economically, ecologically, culturally and institutionally sustainable education focused on learning for sustainability and sustainability of learning towards strong inclusive communities.


Justine is the language learning specialist in the team. She also brings years of training and experience in using ICT’s in Education to the team. One of her interest lies in developing efficient and effective online learning and working cultures.

Tom Vanwing

Dr. Tom VANWING is founder of the research group LOCI and professor at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Faculty of Psychology & Educational Sciences, Department Educational Sciences (EDWE). He did his doctoral work on professionalization and innovation in non-formal educational settingsHe also co-founded the Brussels folkhighschool Citizenne (www.citizenne.be) and the Master in Education and Research for Sustainable Development (http://vlir-iuc.uvs.edu/index.php/master-programme/master-in-education-and-research-for-sustainable-development-mersd) at the Anton De Kom University of Suriname. In 2016, he conducted a Situation Analysis on behalf of the Basic Education Improvement Programme (BEIP-IDB).

Sharleena DE PRYCK, BSc

Sharleena was initially trained in environmental design and management. While the life sciences are at the core of her work, she also has extensive training and experience in remedial teaching. She is a skilled designer of websites and (digital as well as physical) learning environments.


While here initial training was in Diana holds a master degree in sustainable development and focusses on policy and practice in education. She acts as educational advisor and is involved in project based educational capacity building. Her focus is on educational leadership, empowerment of women and second-chance-to-learn.


Jerry’s background in mathematics and physics. He is deeply committed to improving the quality of education through the training of preservice and in-service teachers. He also focusses on second chance to learn programs for (young) adults who for many different reasons were not so successful in achieving educational objectives.

Yashtee GOWREEA, BSc

Yashtee holds a post graduate certificate in Education and is currently focussing on the use of ICT’s in education, with a special focus on ICT’s in adult education.